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Complains - against Live and Invest Overseas company. READ before - Wasted Money

The main purpose of this website is to share your unpleasant and negative experience with Live and Invest Overseas Company. This website was lunched just recently. Presently the website is going trough further development.

The Website was developed due to the misrepresentations of the program by Sofia Hogan the conference director regarding the seminars, and due to the fact that after she was asked for the refund she insulted me and called me inappropriate names. As a good Samaritan I would like to share with you my experiences with Live and Invest Overseas Company..

I attended it their seminar in Panama which was a pure waste of my time. The value of the seminar was completely misrepresented to me by Sofia Hogan the conference director of the company, who is probably still misrepresents the value and true information about future seminars.

My understanding of Live and Invest Overseas Company that this company is looking for nave, unsophisticated and gullible people who do not have any experience of living outside the USA, in order to sell them a dream and to collect money and to get richer for them self.

The information provided to me during the time I was on the seminar could have been easily obtained from many of real estate offices for free. I also found it that the price on the real estate house and other project that was offered to me by their real estate vendors at the seminar was much higher then I found it in different real estate offices in Panama.

Surprisingly on my numerous requests to speak to Kathleen Peddicord or other manager regarding my issue -- nobody return my calls.

My Recommendation:

I strongly recommend that before anyone pays any money for a future seminar which this company keeps offering almost every couple of months -- that you just ask them what this company can provide to you what you cannot obtain easily for free. I would strongly recommend not wasting your hard earned money on a basic, non-sense seminar. Better take a nice relaxing vacation or find a more informative and reliable company.

I would like to hear about your negative experience with Live and Invest Overseas company. You can call me directly at
323. 272. 8673 or email to complainsliveandinvestoversea@yahoo.com

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Below find dissatisfied client from the Rip-off information report. Click on the link below to read full report

"Rippoff artist Kathleen Peddicord and unknown to the readers of HER HUSBAND Lief Simon a reported real estate EXPERT, its a joke, I know first hand from employees of the company and from friends that have been jerked around by this duo, they make 98% of their money on SEMINARS. They charge and charge people and have "VIP" etc for MORE MONEY!!! They are a scam duo and charge big fees to advertise on their "Sales Letter" posed as a news letter. Just look at it, over and over, they want money. Lighten up Lief Simon and Kathleen Peddicord and give a real service instead of playing on peoples desire to win the difficult money game. Let others win instead of your greedy, misleading selves. I get sick of your BS lies and representations. Play the game fair and real or GET OUT!!!!!"
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